Friday, March 13, 2009


The other day, my mom mentioned off-hand that a cupcake shop had opened close to my house in a neighboring town. I immediately thought that was awesome, because all the other cupcake places in New Jersey are too far to drive, even for a strong cupcake craving. I've been jealously reading posts about cupcake outings at cool cupcake shops while I'm stuck with a six-pack from the grocery store bakery.

So here I am, Googling the town's community website, and I find the blurb about the cupcakes. I'm expecting some random cupcake place, but much to my surprise and total excitement, it turns out I am now within driving distance of a Crumbs bake shop! How awesome is that?

I think it's pretty cool that I've heard of them before from being part of the blogosphere, and now I'm super excited to actually have a well-known place to indulge my cupcake craving. I'll definitely be venturing out sometime before I go back to school, and you can expect a thorough review when I get back.

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