Saturday, February 7, 2009

feeling lonely.

This semester is turning out to be a really crappy one, considering it's my final one.

Last year was my favorite year of college, and I shared most of it with three amazing people. One graduated a year early and headed off to medical school, one graduated just last semester, and the third lives off campus. Okay, so maybe living off campus isn't really a valid reason not to see a person, but we just haven't found a schedule that works. I also spent three and a half years having weekly dinner dates with my friend from high school who also came here for school. She too graduated a semester early.

To top it all off, my three best friends from my major are in neither of my two accounting courses this semester. I didn't realize how awful this would be, because it turns out a lot of our hanging out was during or right before/after class. Seriously. I finally ran into one of them on campus the other day, and I realized I hadn't actually talked to her since break.

So basically, I've spent all my time either alone or with The Boy. It's difficult to make plans with people, especially since I'm still having all my fun stomach issues. The easiest way to meet up with people is to grab a meal together, and that is a situation that sometimes goes badly quickly for me.

I'm hoping to reach out to my friends and hoping to feel better as well, so that I don't spend this entire semester holed up in my room or only with The Boy.

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EP said...

That's really disappointing and frustrating! If it's any consolation, I had a lot of the same feelings my last semester of college.

It will get better.