Monday, January 12, 2009

the obligatory resolutions post.

It seems as though I've forgotten to make my resolutions for 2009. This could be attributed to many things, namely, the harrowing events that went down with The Boy or possibly my affinity to sleep and not think about anything serious, ever.

In the past, I've set very general goals. This has led to allowing myself a ton of leeway in accomplishing them and, because they're not specific, I could probably say I achieved mine from last year. Not this year.

This year I'm hoping to come up with a handful of specific, but not ultra-specific goals. I can't be as broad as "being healthy," but I refuse to say "I will work out __ days a week." Let's see what I come up with.

1. Cut back on and potentially stop drinking diet soda.
I have developed an addiction to diet soda. I don't need it constantly, but there are times when I crave that taste specifically. Most people don't understand how someone can like diet soda... I guess I'm just weird special that way.

2. Treat my face better.
My discipline when it comes to specific hygiene regimens, like washing my face properly every night, is very weak. Also? I pick at my face. It's gross, but I have strange OCD tendencies with things like that: I feel the urge to scratch and pick at every little bump and scar. Meanwhile, putting my oily fingers all over my face is definitely not helping, either. So! No more picking, more washing on a daily basis with cleanser and toner.

3. Eat. More. FIBER.
As if face-picking wasn't gross enough for you, this post is quickly turning into TMI material. My family hasn't had the best digestive health, and yours truly has developed a myriad of stomach troubles. Recently it has become painfully (literally) obvious that I'm really not doing anything to remedy these problems. Basically, I eat crap food all day long, don't worry about getting enough fiber or fruits and veggies, and I KNOW I don't drink enough liquids. All this is bad news for my tummy, which becomes angrier with me each passing day.

4. Exercise, let's say, at least twice a week.
Okay, I already don't know how this one will turn out. I'm hoping that my fallout with exercise last semester was due to difficult courses and spending all my free time with The Boy and my friends. I know, two days a week sounds like a low bar to set, but keep in mind that I walk around campus all day, so I'm getting some exercise daily.

5. Save more of my money.
Whenever I have money I spend it almost immediately. I rarely take money from my savings, but at the same time, I rarely put any in. Considering I'll be a real person in a few short months, I figure I should probably get started on saving more of my money.

6. Keep track of where my money goes.
I'm really bad at this. My problem is I'm a perfectionist, and an accountant. What does that mean? Everything must balance! To the penny! Debits equal credits! Ahh! Yes, I will record how much change I have in my wallet, and in the past when I've kept track of my money, I've gotten frustrated in the process of missing five or ten cents once everything's written out.

7. Finally sell some gently-used items on Ebay.
I've got a random video game, Trivial Pursuit: 90's Edition, and a gymnastics mat that I've been holding onto and meaning to sell forever. Why haven't I gotten around to it? I'm not really sure. My mom's worried about putting our real address on Ebay (yet she has no problem if I put in on Craigslist.. wtf, mom?), I'm just really lazy in general, and I think I've convinced myself that nobody wants this crap. Problem is, the video game and board game really haven't been used much at all. They're things I bought, tried, and realized I hated. I don't feel like selling them for a few dollars at a garage sale or, even worse, simply throwing them out.

8. Get on the dean's list this semester.
Lofty goal? Possibly. This may change depending on how difficult my two 400-level courses are, but I'm working on my confidence, sucking it up and saying I can do this.

9. Read more.
When it comes down to it, I really do enjoy reading. Novels we read for school were never a chore to get through, even though my friends would sometimes have horrible reactions to certain ones. The problem is, I don't know what books to read. I desperately need suggestions - got any for me? I'm looking for anything, from the classics to some really good books by current authors. (And, before anyone says it, I really don't have any desire to read Twilight. Sorry to disappoint, but there's been way too much hype now, and I've come to just hate the idea of it.)

10. Get a job.
Seems like a "duhhhhh," but I've gotta put it down.

So those are my "top ten" resolutions, if you may. I'm sure there are more, but these are the important ones.


ashley said...

i am the exact same way about my face...i find the need to pck at everything...i know it just makes it worse but i cant

Carolyn said...

Hey just came across your blog and thought I shoudl delurk and say hi!! Some books that I love are, the time traveler's wife and perks of being a wallflower. They are in my top 5 favorite books of all time!

Anna said...

I do the same thing with my face...I think one of my goals this year should be to treat my face better too!