Thursday, October 2, 2008

think pink for october.

If you're someone who frequents my actual blog, then you've noticed a few changes. If you don't (I'm looking at you, Google Reader or other blogroll users!), then you should know that I've completely PINKIFIED my blog.

October is breast cancer awareness month and I'm going pink to raise awareness. I'm going to try my hardest to get some informational stuff up here - I'm setting a goal of posting something awareness-related at least once a week. I wish I could do more, but being swamped with schoolwork isn't conducive to having stuff for you every day.

Wanna join us? Head on over here and ch-ch-check it out!


queenb said...

im totally a google reader reader lol im so sorry.

i have an odd question to ask. your a dancer? do you wear legwarmers? if so where do you buy them? i just want some...

i love the pink! mainly because i love pink. rock on pink october

pelf said...

Hey Cait, since you've already gone pink, perhaps you'd also like to take part in our month-long contest? Head on to P4O for more details! :D

Anna said...

Great idea! I love the pink!