Wednesday, October 1, 2008

there's no place like home.

Hi blogosphere. I skipped class today. Le sigh.

I absolutely could not fall asleep last night. The last time I remember seeing on the clock was 6:30am. I don't remember waking up very vividly - I had set alarms for 9, 9:15 and 9:30am, and don't really recall any of them going off. What I do remember is having the phone in my hand while I was in bed, looking at it in a confused manner when it rang (it was my friend who has class with me), and realizing that it was too late for me to get up and put in the effort of rushing to class.

So I skipped. And felt awful. Skipping class is a very bad habit that I had, for the most part, conquered this semester. I felt ridiculously guilty considering I wasn't deathly ill and there was no emergency. My sleep schedule had just gotten so out of control that I was going to get through the day on two hours of sleep. However, I justified it by saying that I would be on only two hours. Not five or six, or even four. Two. So I excused myself a little bit, considering my health ranks higher on my priority list than my schoolwork.

I ended up sleeping through my second class of the day, although that really has no consequence because attendance isn't really necessary. Still, I woke up in a really terrible mood. Within the first five minutes of being awake, I called my mom and told her I was gonna come home. I made up some excuses - about having things to do at home, wanting to visit but not wanting to waste a whole weekend - but really? I was really craving the comfort and calmness of home.

My schedule is getting to me. I wake up after five hours of sleep, go to class, eat lunch, nap until the next class, go to that class, eat dinner, bum around, then go to The Boy's room for homework. We always get distracted when we're together, so homework takes forever. I get done around two, but don't get in bed until three by the time I go back to my room, shower, check e-mail, etc. I haven't seen Natalie in more than a week. I haven't watched any of my TV shows except for Grey's. I've gotten in to a rut. Not that I don't enjoy seeing The Boy every day, because I really do - but I'm doing the same exact thing day in and day out, and I'm getting a little tired of it.

Fall break can't get here fast enough. I need a chance to take a huge breather, get caught up on sleep and work, and start fresh the next week. That's kinda what I'm trying to do here.. kind of a subconscious reason for coming home. Let's hope it works and lasts for the next week and a half.


Jenn said...

Oh can I empathize with you! My schedule is killing me. I'm so ready for fall break.

Anna said...

Oh, how I remember those college days. I was so there! Having that schedule again is one thing I am not looking forward to next year when I go to grad school...

Heather said...

why does skipping class inspire so much guilt!! My husband could skip class and never feel bad about it. I always felt like I was running from the law or something.