Thursday, August 7, 2008


To start, I'd like to thank everyone for the input I've gotten so far about how to get my hair cut. I think I might actually step a little further out of my comfort zone (the first baby step having been getting it cut short last year) and go with layers. Stay tuned!


Can somebody tell me when my sleep schedule went completely down the crapper all over again? A month ago, I had everything under control - actually getting sleepy by one in the morning and waking up before noon every day. Now? I'm nocturnal again. Seriously. It's 9am. I haven't slept yet.

Now I'm getting worried because I've got just over two weeks left until school. Considering this is the year that I'm hoping to eventually dub The Year I Kicked Major Academic Ass, I really need to get back to sleeping like a normal human being.

Of course, on top of having trouble falling asleep, my brain decided it was time to list all of the challenging, complicated aspects of the upcoming year. I just love. it. when that happens. It puts me in my "oh shit!" mode. Here's why: I'm considering getting a job this semester, because I need the money. So first I start wondering if I should work on campus or off, then move to worrying about obtaining either kind of job. Then I realize, hey genius, what happened to studying HARD this semester? Oh. Right. It's probably not smart to expect myself to be able juggle a job with my new-found work ethic (especially since, well, it hasn't actually been "found" yet). AND THEN. I remember that I need to check up on the resume I uploaded to the school-run job search engine, which is being reviewed by someone in the office. The issue there? My GPA isn't listed because it's completely embarrassing and would probably be laughed at by corporate recruiters. Of course, the person sitting in the office doesn't know that - she'll just casually note, "please list GPA." If it were only that easy...

I really just wanted to go to sleep. Is that so much to ask?


To put me in a better mood, let me mention that tonight I'm going to my Very First Concert. Yes, first. Yes, I'm twenty-one. Moving on. I'm going to see Counting Crows (who are good, but not who I really care about), Maroon 5 (hellooooo, Adam Levine.. yum), and Sara Bareilles!! I'm majorly excited about her and Maroon 5 - both of their latest albums are just amazing. What's more exciting is that I get to see a whole mess of people who are also going, including one of my roommates, one of my accounting major friends, and the whole "lifer" gang from dance. It's going to be a blast, even though it's supposed to rain. We've all got lawn seats so we're pretty screwed, but I'm sure it will be fun anyhow.


alex said...

My first concert was this summer, too. It was Billy Joel because I'm awesome like that. I need a haircut as well but I haven't decided quite what I want yet so I'm probably going to put it off until October when I come home for Fall Break.

Jamie said...

Yay for layers!

I wish I could see Maroon 5.

My first concert ever was No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom tour when I was in 6th grade!