Monday, July 28, 2008

it's monday?

Yup. It's Monday. I guess I knew that, but it really doesn't feel like a Monday. It's probably because it's summer and I don't have a full-time job (don't be too jealous - I'm pretty broke). So to me, it's just any other day.


Random things making me smile at the moment:
  • A wake-up call from The Boy. We've come to the conclusion that we definitely don't act like people who are "on a break" from their relationship. I could definitely get used to using him as an alarm clock, especially since I can't snooze him as easily as my radio. Heh.
  • Jamie's puppy video! Nevermind that her pup is the cutest thing ever, but add a hose and a baby pool? Super prosh!
  • THIS CUPCAKE. Ouuu, pretty colors. I want.
  • There's only one month left until school. I'm actually excited to go back (for the second year in a row!), mainly because this time around, it means more time with The Boy. But I can't wait to be back on campus and have easy access to all my friends. Plus, I'm [trying to] get psyched about all the effort I'm going to put in this year. Since I kinda slacked off didn't do my best the past two-ish years, I'm really going to step it up this year. I'm pulling that GPA out of the toilet if it's the last thing I do!!
So what's making you smile this Monday? I'm sure you can think of something.

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jamie said...

Isn't she the cutest pup in the world?! I seriously can't get enough of her!

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