Friday, July 4, 2008

cupcake craving

So I seem to have developed a very odd sleeping schedule. These past couple of days have been a little nuts - I had a ton of coursework due at midnight yesterday, none of which I had even looked at before Monday of this week. Therefore, a huge amount of cramming was necessary. But! I was able to push out a ten-page paper on male stereotypes in the dance world in just four hours. I'm just that amazing.

Let's see.. after working out the past few days in my mind, I come up with a grand total of thirty hours of sleep since Monday. That's really not bad at all. I thought I was worse off than that, mainly because I stayed up Wednesday night into Thursday, slept from 1pm until 5:30, then again from midnight until 3am. But that's a solid eight and a half hours.

What's really good is that I have to go out today in the early afternoon. So whether I grab a few hours before then or not, I should be nice and tired at a decent hour tonight. Then maybe I'll finally be fixed. Because I've been broken for a long, long time now.


I've been craving baked goods lately, and have been completely incapable of satisfying this craving. I keep doing that thing where I think, ou, a cupcake would be DELICIOUS right now, so I skip down the stairs into my kitchen or my basement, looking for a substitute. I already know that we do not have cupcakes in the house, but I keep thinking I'll find something close enough. Melissa and I tend to do this a lot back at school - we're big fans of Food Network, but we always end up with a serious craving for whatever they're featuring on the show we're watching.

Usually we'd end up disappointed, going to bed whining about how hungry we were. However, there is one exception - The 1AM Trip to the Sketch Diner for Pie. It was sophomore year, when the two of us shared a room. We were watching a series of different shows on the Food Network that were all talking about pie, and both of us were rummaging through our stashes of food, desperately hoping to find something that somewhat resembled pie. As usual, we found nothing but microwavable Thai food and granola bars.

Just when we thought all hope was lost, Matt saved the day. Melissa had been chatting with him on AIM, explaining our predicament, and also sucking him into wanting pie as well. So he suggested a simple solution that we had never really considered: going off-campus to a diner or 7-11. Why we didn't think of this, I don't really know. We both had cars on campus. These places were right down the street. I guess the idea just never occurred to us.. or, we were just really lazy. I'm gonna go with the latter choice. Anyway, the happy ending to this story is that we ended up at a really sketch diner, enjoying our pie, and answering trivia questions being asked of us by the old man who owned the place (or something like that).

... this still doesn't help with the fact that I'm in dire need of a cupcake right now. It all started with Jenn's post about her visit to an awesome cupcake place. I tried (and failed) at finding a place around here that specializes in cupcakes, resorting instead to torturing myself by finding and looking over blogs like Cupcakes Take the Cake and Bakerella.

All I know is that we're having a small family get-together for my grandparents' birthday today, and there BETTER BE CAKE. Otherwise I might have to resort to either making my own or buying an entire case from one of the grocery store bakeries.. and in either instance, eating all of them myself in one sitting. I don't see that going well.


Anonymous said...

Jenn's post made me want cupcakes too! So much so that I made some yesterday for my mom's birthday :)

Jamie Lovely said...

Oh man, that place was so good. I was with Jenn that day. I have my own cupcake post coming up this week!