Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Four.

Happy first day of November and NaBloPoMo!

Considering the first of the month falls on a Friday, today's post is going to be a simple list of some really awesome things around the internet you should check out.

1. Kayley is a friend of mine from college who set up an Etsy shop for her photography about a year ago. Her stuff is really great – if you're looking for some beautiful nature prints, I would definitely suggest checking out her shop! (Some of my favorites are Glass Lanterns and Take a Seat.)

2. Your Super Awesome Life. Ashley has some really awesome products and programs out there right now, including Motivation Miracle and Cake for Breakfast (aren't those the best names ever?!). I've worked with Ashley before and it's definitely worth the investment in yourself to get her to help light a fire underneath you so you can start working for your best life ever. Not enough room in your budget right now? Sign up for 30 Cups of Magic, a FREE daily helping of inspiration in your inbox. November's theme is gratitude, so get on that list!

3. Spell Block Tango is a YouTube video I stumbled upon on Facebook that combines the magic of Disney villains with the awesomeness of Cell Block Tango. Plus, Amber Riley's in it!

4. My fellow BiSC-uit, Almie, wrote this post on Thought Catalog that made me nod furiously the whole way through. I'm all about making people smile and sometimes, we can be nice to people in such simple ways.

NaBloPoMo November 2013