Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May & June Goals.

This month went by so quickly that it's frightening. I thought time flew while I was unemployed, but I was wrong. Seriously, how is it already June!? 
12 Changes

May’s goal was to limit my time online, which I accomplished with flying colors. I can’t really take credit, though, because I simply didn’t have any time. By the time I drive home from work and eat dinner, I have about three hours to relax. That’s it. I spend about one hour of that time on the internet, which is such a huge difference from when I wasn't working.

For June, I figure it’s fitting to start putting at least $10 from every paycheck into savings. With my first paycheck, I put 10% in savings and would like keep doing that, but I owe my parents a hefty sum of money and have been making tiny splurges now that I have disposable income. So $10 is an absolutely reasonable goal and I can always put in more if possible.

1. Take vitamins/probiotic daily
2. Exercise at least three days a week
3. Craft at least once a week
4. Journal daily
5. Read every day (from a book, not a blog/the internet)
6. Reduce sugar intake
7. Reduce processed food intake
8. Limit time spent online
9. Put at least $10 from every paycheck in savings
10. Drink more water
11. Get on a regular sleeping schedule

Digital Day Off

To be honest, I completely forgot about this in May (and also for June, seeing as the first Sunday has passed!). My time online has been so scarce anyway that I don't know if it's worthwhile keeping up this goal. For the most part, I spent my time offline on the first Sundays of May and June - in May, I went to the movies with Ashley and her family for her birthday, then hung out with Erik for a few hours. This past Sunday, I was out at a graduation party all afternoon and spent time with Erik until he left for the night.

While this goal made a lot of sense when I was absorbed in reading blogs and spending hours on tumblr, now that I don't go online at work, the weekends present my only opportunity. That's not to say I spend all my time on the computer, but to limit myself when I actually have the time to do it seems silly.

A Goal a Month

Sadly, I didn’t get around to taking myself out to dinner last month. It was a fabulous idea, but then my weekends got busy or I was just plain tired. Because I can’t think of anything better, I’m going to give this another shot for June.

Did you have any goals set for May? How did they go? What's in store for June?