Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy Bee.

Work has been eating me alive these days. I keep getting assigned small projects that take up way too much time and my boss has been out, so I took on Thursday's check run all on my own (it took all day). Considering my 'normal' work is handling the mail, it piles up fast because, uh, there's mail every day. (Well, almost. You know what I mean.)

Anyway, instead of droning on about that and apologizing for being MIA, I'm going to share what I've been up to on the weekends! When I get to have fun! And not go to bed at 9pm!

The first weekend in June started out with a semi-surprise visit from Erik. I was super busy, but he came over anyway and decided to be my date for the weekend. Saturday night we went out to dinner before heading south for Lyndsay's twenty-first birthday bash. It was so much fun, but we both felt so old... and mature. Lyndsay enjoyed herself but I stuck around to put a voice to her 'responsible' side and took her home when she requested.

Waiting for her first legal drink!

On Sunday we headed to the opposite end of New Jersey for Katie's graduation, where we ate delicious food, hung out in her dad's beautiful law office, and caught up with Melissa, Matt, and Katie.

My first college besties! Love these girls.

The group!

Last weekend, I had scheduled a visit to Erik's house and ended up with a few extra plans to make my weekend even better! I met up for dinner with Natalie and Danielle right after work, where we ate delicious food, chatted about how weird it was (for them) to be married and who would have kids first, and were rushed very rudely by the waiter at Olive Garden. After that, Natalie and I stayed up way too late making monkey bread, but it was totally worth it to eat it straight out of the oven.


The following morning was Justine's surprise bridal shower! It was held at her house and her mom and bridal party did a fabulous job planning, decorating, and hosting. Justine totally had it all figured out, but it was still a ton of fun.

The beautiful bride-to-be and her 'maids.

All of the girls!

Finally, this past weekend was Melissa's bachelorette party! Before that, though, I met with Lyndsay at the last minute on Friday night to shop for Melissa's gift and grab a yummy dinner. She was so excited to order a drink with dinner - we got white peach sangria, which was delish. Melissa's bachelorette party started on Saturday with dinner a snazzy pizza place, where we ate on the enclosed patio. Then we headed over to a pottery place to paint new items for the couple's new apartment. It was so much fun an a much-needed creative activity after crunching numbers at work for a few months straight. After that we headed back to the apartment for a bit of debauchery, inappropriately-shaped cakes, and a round of Never Have I Ever.

My napkin holder. Can't wait to see it when it's glazed and fired!

Blurry, but adorable, photo of the college girls with the bride-to-be.

 Phallic cakes and confetti! "Do you want black or white?"

Needless to say, even my weekends have been eating me alive! The next few weekends are no different - I've got a potluck, a graduation party, a birthday party for my grandparents, and a few weddings in the coming weekends. I know I'm going to be sad once it's all over, but I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend... in mid-July.