Thursday, August 4, 2011

bye july, hello august.


I feel like I blinked and July was gone. The month kicked off with a party down the shore at Ash and Cort's that I attended with E, which was loads of fun. E and I "celebrated" our six-month-versary (by which I basically mean, it happened and neither of us made a big deal out of it), and I attended a few parties with him and got to know his friends a little better.

Throughout the month I was also heading up a project that I can't talk about here, but which just finished up at the end of the month. That was giving me a lot of stress because I was coordinating everything and wasn't sure if people would be into it, but in the end, everyone was and the finished product is going to be fantastic.

Other than that, I spent a lot of time with E, saw Harry Potter and cried my face off, finally got a blog domain, and wished it would be just a little less hot out. I can't really believe more that half the year is gone and there's only one month left of summer, but there it is.

August is probably going to be relatively low-key again, though it should pick up around the midway mark. I have a lot of little things to do to prep for BFF Wedding #1 - get my hair cut, get fitted for my bridesmaid dress, figure out my jewelry situation, and decide if the size 8.5 or size 9 shoes fit better. This weekend is crazy busy, next weekend is shaping up to be busy, I'm going to see Ke$ha on the 19th, and E goes back to school (aka, back to living 20 minutes from me) at the very end of the month. So there's quite a lot going on, actually. Plus, I'm doing VEDA! And reading Harry Potter! And continuing the Summer Photo Challenge!

Anyway, now it's goal check-in time.

Get healthy. Yes and no. I’m trying to stop eating sugar again, but that only happened towards the very end of the month. I did make a schedule for myself but I have not been following it at all.

Work on my anxiety. The only thing I’ve really been doing is working on my tolerance level. Instead of letting anticipatory anxiety get to me, I push through it, breathe, and let it pass. This has allowed me to attend many things without second guessing myself or cancelling before I even get there, which I used to do a lot.

Live in the moment. Yes. Particularly when I’m with E, because I only see him once a week and during the rest of the week, I miss him a lot. When we’re actually together, I make an effort to be in the moment.

Stay in touch. Bad, bad, bad. Just… bad. The only people I saw a lot of were E (obviously) and Natalie. So August will be my month to get in touch and hopefully make plans with everyone.

Be me and stop worrying what other people think. It didn’t really come into play this month.

Goals for July: make a dentist appointment; grow out the rest of my nails (almost there!); be more forthcoming about my emotions in my relationship (I tried and failed); apply to jobs; spend less time on the internet; stop spending money unless absolutely necessary.

Goals for August: complete VEDA; catch up on journaling; try the emotional mushy mush talk again with E; really and truly work on my health/schedule; go to the dentist; get a hair cut.

How was your July? Looking forward to August?