Friday, March 25, 2011

grace in small things.

  • my Glade "Bring On the Blossoms" candle, which smells so spring-y and is pink
  • eating delicious Irish stew, being unimpressed with the Super Moon, and spending some quality time with two of my best friends and our boyfriends at Katie's St. Patty's Day dinner party
  • having another anxiety-free, enjoyable car ride down to Katie's place with E
  • avoiding the snow by sleeping in and napping all day
  • three new pairs of shoes from Target (on sale!)
  • some awesome finds on the clearance end-caps at Target (cute gift bags, a paperweight, and note cards)
  • Extra Dessert Delights gum, particularly the Key Lime Pie flavor that I just tried this week
  • finally getting around to cleaning and organizing the clutter-y parts of my room
  • going to lunch with my grandparents, aunt, mom and brother, actually feeling good, actually eating, and not having much anxiety at all
What's making you happy this week?