Thursday, March 31, 2011

adieu, march.

March was marked by a fair number of randomly emotional days. Sometimes I would be overwhelmed with happiness, while other times I was plagued with silly, stupid worries. There were a few (very minor) mental breakdowns and a cry-fest or two, but they were necessary. In almost every case, I was simply over-thinking things (who, me?) and letting the mental “what-if” game get way out of control.

In between all of that and another week of being sick, there were plenty of great days mixed in. Kicking off the month was Cortney’s birthday celebration, then came my brother’s birthday and Katie’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner party, and of course there were lots of date nights with E. I also gave in and got a new phone, and, at the start of the month, I got in my first car accident – a minor fender bender that resulted in only the tiniest of dents in the hood of my car.

But back to the good stuff. Things with E are going so very well. This month really solidified the transition between him being someone I need to impress to being someone with whom I’m comfortable and can be myself. (Which means that any day now, he’ll realize just how crazy and weird I am.) He took another two-hour road trip with me this month just to hang out with my friends again and got to experience the cast of characters that is my LMDance crew. Which, I think he got Master LM's approval, and that's really the only validation I need.

March flew by, but I’m glad to see it go. We got a taste of spring right around St. Patrick’s Day, but because Mother Nature is such a tease, we’ve only had chilly weather and even some snow since then. I’m very, very ready for beautiful, warm weather so I can wear dresses and skirts.