Tuesday, December 21, 2010

holiday week 2010: day 1.

Pretty simple. We have three large Rubbermaid bins filled to the brim with tons of decorations. Usually it's an afternoon-long process of trading out the year-round knick knacks and replacing it all with lots of lovely Christmas trinkets. I took pictures of most of it, but we would be here forever if I found all the spots where we have decorations up.

Then it's time for the tree, which is a process I complete pretty much 100% by myself now. (My family is a bunch of Grinches... or, they're just lazy.) Since we have a pre-lit fake tree, half of my work is done by the time I take it out of the garage and set it up. Then I add gold garland and the biggest variety of ornaments I have ever seen. It's good practice for letting go of my OCD tendencies because I just hang things based on a feeling and the only thing I monitor is if there are empty spots.

Around the House

The Tree

My Room

There will only be four days in my Holiday Week, so expect long, photo-heavy posts. I hope you enjoy them anyway! Thanks to Nora for the inspiration to talk about all things Christmas for the week.