Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 year in review, part one.

Initially I thought I had nothing to speak about this year, that the past twelve months had all fluidly combined into a really unmemorable experience. That was until I started reading old posts and going through my life month by month, realizing that life didn’t need to be full of totally! kick-ass! moments! all the time. The New Year is sneaking up on me, so before I get preoccupied with picking an outfit and shoes and being adequately covered in sparkles, here is part one of my 2010 Year In Review.

In January, I had my first turning point. My birthday party brought up mixed feelings and I was forced to deal with them head-on. I was finally able to get over my sadness of college being over (yes, it took seven months) and realize that whatever mistakes I made then cannot be changed. My friends helped to remind me that even if we didn’t see each other often, they were still here for me, something I was struggling to accept as well. February was quiet, mostly centered around my second-ever “real” Valentine’s Day spent with a boyfriend.

In March, I was starting fresh. There were big projects to be done around the house – painting my brother’s and dad’s rooms – which brought about feelings of accomplishment, something I desperately needed. At the end of the month, after some changes in my heart and mind, I realized it was time for my relationship to end, so Mark and I broke up. It sucked, but it was the right thing to do. It took most of April to get through it, but I survived.

In May, I had fully mourned my relationship and was ready for the summer. I made birthday packages for friends and attended some fun parties, including Ashley’s 25th birthday bash and Natalie’s graduation party for her completion of her graduate school program.

June was pretty exciting. Mark finally got into medical school which, even though we were no longer in a relationship, was exciting because I had been there with him through most of the process. I went to the senior recitals of my two favorite girls – Julianne and Dawn – and felt like a proud older sister. I started work on my grandmother’s scrapbook, which became my big project of the summer.

Not sure how I ended up with enough to talk about for two posts worth, but stay tuned for the second half of my year!