Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ten on tuesday [vol. 12].

Dunkin' Donuts - Sunday Morning Coffee Run
Oh, what a glorious sight. Come to mama.

1. What is your favorite breakfast pastry?

Donuts. Of any kind, really, but especially French crullers from DD.

2. Were you ever in a Thanksgiving or Christmas play?
Yes! I played Clara in The Nutcracker in fifth grade for chorus. (Which is always a teeny bit amusing to me that, despite being a dancer, the only version of The Nutcracker I've been in was a non-ballet version.) Anyway, I tried out on a whim and I'm pretty sure I only got the part because I was really good at reading out loud. This is furthermore confirmed by my ability to recite my lines well and with emphasis and emotion while also being completely devoid of any acting skills. I would just stand there, hands clasped awkwardly, tossing my bangs out of the way of my face every five seconds with a shake of my head.

However. All that being said, it was insanely fun and pretty cool to be the lead. It made me feel important and awesome. And, I still remember most of the song lyrics (which I bet you didn't think existed, because neither did I. But, here they are, the set that's halfway down the page).

3. What is your favorite clothing accessory?
Belts. I'm (slowly) learning how to incorporate them into my wardrobe to make something look dressier or completely fix a 'blah' outfit.

4. What is your favorite item of clothing?
I switch favorites a lot, because I usually fall completely in love with something and wear it everywhere for a while. My most recent favorite is a blue, high-waisted, floral print skirt, though that was more in the summer. I haven't found a new favorite for the fall yet.

5. What is your favorite color and why?
Pink. It wasn't always my favorite color, mainly because my room was a pukey color of pink and I hated it. Once I painted my room purple, I learned to love pink again and it became my favorite color. And then I became obsessed. Most of my electronics are pink (laptop, camera, iPod) and in college, my room definitely had a pink glow to it due to all the bedding and decor being that color.

6. What is your favorite type of Christmas cookie?
The chocolate chip cookies and the cookie press butter cookies that we made when I was younger.

7. What is your favorite scent (food, perfume/lotion)
This is tough. I don't think I could pick just one favorite, so here are a few: Sun and Sand candle from Yankee Candle; peppers and onion pizza; Versace Man cologne; Orbit Bubblemint gum.

8. What is your favorite household cleaner?
I feel like this question's been asked before. Because I distinctly remember thinking I don't have any specific loyalties to cleaners. Except now that I think about it, I actually do have a favorite - the Magic Eraser. It cleans pretty much everything.

9. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? And what did you actually grow up to be?
My longest-running career ambition was to be a dance teacher, a dream I held onto pretty much up until the middle of high school. Somewhere along the line I decided I also wanted to be a chef. Toward the end of high school, my "dream" job was to work as a wedding planner.

What I ended up with was studying accounting for four miserable years, not getting a career out of it, and being stuck with a tiny little part-time job. I have ambitions to be a wedding planner, but have also considered a range of other similar (and more practical) options as well.

10. What is the last song or album you bought?
Hands All Over by Maroon 5. It's fabulous and I highly recommend it.

These questions are a part of Ten on Tuesday which is run by Roots and Rings.