Sunday, November 1, 2009

my blogging voice.

You know what I realized? I never really celebrated any of my blog's Big Moments. My first blogoversary (did I even spell that right?) went completely unnoticed, as did my 100th post.

Yeah. I'm really bad at those things, I guess.

My second blogoversary is rolling around in January, so maybe I'll do something fun and exciting then. Or, maybe for my 200th post, which is relatively soon. (I'm at 174 now.)

My blogging style has become so different from when I first began. I used to be a lot less inhibited - I just wrote whatever I wanted, however I wanted to. But as I started networking and reading other blogs, I realized that my posts could be a little more polished. Sometimes, though, I look back at my old writing style and realize I like it better than how I write now. And, I was funnier. (Or, at least, I thought the old me was funnier. I may have some bias towards, you know, myself.)

Is it because I have an audience now? Sort of. I mean, I don't sit down thinking, "okay, I really have to impress everyone with perfect sentence structure and my incredible wit." But it's still a teeny tiny thought in the back of my mind that I find hard to ignore. I used to write posts with wreckless abandon, barely editing a thing except for glaring grammatical and spelling errors (because I am one of those grammar/spelling nazis). Now I think a bit more, take note of when I'm re-using a certain word too much or if I'm starting too many sentences with "I..." It's very weird, actually, and I find it really hard to stop doing that.

But, I'm going to try. My goal is to get back to the spontaneity of my old posting style while still working to improve on my writing skills.