Tuesday, September 9, 2008

it's just those rainy days

This morning was awful. I was exhausted and it was cloudy and gloomy out, the perfect recipe for skipping class and staying in bed. But as New Cait, I hauled my under-rested body out of bed and went on my way.

On the walk to class I realized I was in a crappy mood for no reason, other than probably the culmination of the tiredness, the interesting convo with The Boy last night, and the poor weather. I was ragging on The Boy, bitching about class not being canceled (because I think cloudy/rainy days should be just as much reason for cancellation as snow days), and just being cranky.

We got out of class relatively early, something that made me happier. Lunch was a riot - who knew making fun of contemplating the complexities of OCD could be so hilarious*? And after all my complaining about The Boy (particularly how he wants to spend more time with me even though I spend 5+ hours with him every night), he was at the student center eating lunch too, came over to say hi, and it made me happy. I guess that's a good thing, right?

Anyway, I'm still exhausted and in dire need of a power nap before my class at two, which is a joke. Attendance isn't mandatory and he ONLY teaches from the slides (that he creates) which are then posted online. Basically that means I'm very tempted not to go. But! As New Cait, instead of telling myself it would be okay to miss it, I'm just going to tell myself I can go to class in my post-nap daze and it won't matter! Sweet.

* I understand OCD is a serious issue and shouldn't be mocked. I have mild OCD tendencies about my body, like my awful nail-biting habit. But in discussing it, it becomes pretty comical and it's hard not to laugh.


Jenn said...

Your last paragraph reminds me an awful lot of my classes.

I wanted to miss my first class Monday morning cause I wanted to stay in bed. Having the notes online is way too tempting.

Anonymous said...

I wish skipping work were acceptable. I probably wouldn't get much done though...

Good luck with classes and The Boy!

Meaghan said...

What a cute picture. Just stopping by to check out your blog :)